Volunteerism: Your Passion Past Retirement

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A large number of people in the labor force have long viewed retirement as the be-all and end-all of everything they have worked for in so many years. In fact, by the time they reach a certain age while actively participating in various economic activities such as being employed, running a business, or building up on profession they see retirement as the culmination of their achievements and opportunities. A pat in the back they say!

Who would think differently? After all, retirement is a well-deserved reward for your hard-earned commitment to years of work and productivity. On the contrary, you may think that retirement is synonymous to change; and thus a frightful idea to those who happen to also deal with the complexities of old-age. It is then understandable that you may postpone deciding until later on, you may not acknowledge it at all, or choosing not to retire even.

To give you some perspectives, various social and economic institutions in the country have made retirement facilities and consultation services available and accessible for and to anyone who needs personalized and comprehensive information about retirement. The options are, as a matter of fact as diverse and reachable in just a click of any website about retirement, or quick brush off of the Yellowpages for your local center, or much better a more personal visit to a human and social services unit in the vicinity.

Well now that you are inevitably nearing the retirement age or perhaps thinking of retiring, it is imperative that you ask yourself these questions: What will I endeavor when I retire? What will I make myself busy with? How do I fill my work routine now that I have all the time in the world?

The answer to these pervading questions may be as simple it can get: Why cease being productive and sedentary after retiring if you can still run for it?

Of course, this outlook may beg the question that retirement is an unknown terrain which every retiree should approach cautiously, always a test-of-the-water scenario. But after the pre-planning, travelling the world, financial auditing, evaluating your physical, mental, and emotional conditions your decisions all boil down to this consideration: What will I fill my days with that is less work yet equally satisfying? VOLUNTEERISM.

One way of looking at retirement is through the linear view where you manage to find employment, establish a career or profession, investing for your material needs until you cease to work upon reaching retirement age. It is far more consoling however and even doubly so promising to look at it as cyclical -- a lifelong journey of learning, working, and again learning for the betterment of yourself. A cycle of living productively and satisfyingly in varying amount of time, workplace setup, and prospects for leisure. In other words, retirement away from the 'be-all and end-all' outlook but a floodgate of opportunities to serve, build, participate, and loving every minute of it.

As idealistic as it may appear, the world is far better with you helping out. You may be the Chief Technological Officer of a multi-billion Internet company, great! We need a hand to promote social responsibility and education around the globe through the Internet. You may be the accountant of the country's wealthiest financial institution, great! We need a hand on figuring out how cash flows work within an NGO or medical foundation. You may be a landscape engineer of a company down Phoenix, great! We need a hand to create plans for more efficient and effective rehabilitation site or workshop. You may be a licensed chiropractor in a wellness center, great! We need a hand on rejuvenating the statures of our patient and diligent volunteers. You may be a novelist, a sous chef, an animator, a carpet cleaner, a theater performer, a medical director, all great! We all need a hand to make the world a more peaceful, healthy, and livable place.

You got to live your passion and continue living productively.

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