About ABK

Officially established in Pangasinan in 2013, the AngBayanKo Foundation aims to become a distinguished humanitarian organization in the Philippines, inclined to provide compassionate and quality life-saving services that protect the life of every Pangasinense, especially the less-fortunate, in times of different emergencies.

 ABK Foundation is also a non-religious, non-political and non-profit organization who practices transparency in every accumulated funds from donations. At present, the foundation is funded by three companies - the BMR Aggregates, the Geeksnest I.T Solutions, and the Medisource Healthcare Services. However, as soon as demand arises, we will be expecting assistance from prospective donors around the world. In order to give everyone the confidence that their money will be used to reach out to the people who are in need of help, we aim to pioneer transparency showing all the expenses of the foundation from its charity.

Currently, the AngBayanKo Foundation has five major programs: Disaster Risk Management, Health Care for Everyone, Early Childhood Education, Economic Livelihood and Environmental Preservation. All of them manifests humanity, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, and unity. 

The organization's strongest foundation is the working force of people from different walks of life who have dedicated themselves to the service of humanity. ABK Foundation boasts of its working force comprised by ordinary people who devoted their time and efforts to help their countrymen. Equipped with professional training and heroism, these men and women are ready to utilize their knowledge and skills to assist and help those who are in need.


AngBayanKo Foundation envisions a Philippines, where grassroots efforts by innovative Filipinos positively transform underprivileged communities through sustainable economic programs, health improvement, fostering education, ecological awareness and social empowerment.


To provide a platform for striving Filipino social entrepreneurs where they can have the freedom, confidence and support to think and act as change makers for the common good in their communities.